French Way from O Cebreiro

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Walking The French Way throughout Galicia from the dwellings in O Cebreiro (pallozas in the local language) to Santiago. It is a singular experience to live the history, the art and the culture of this millennial route from close. Take a look to all the stages and find out why it is one of the most crowded tours.

Portuguese Way from Tui
Distance 150 km
Accommodation Guesthouses
Stay 9 days / 8 nights
Price per person Per person / double room
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The Way of St.James form O Cebreiro

Route for Pilgrims

Day 1: Arrival in O Cebreiro and lodging

Walking on your own, you’ll arrive to O Cebreiro to rest in a local accommodation in order to start the first stage on the next day. If you make it with time, you could enjoy a walk through the village of O Cebreiro and will discover the beauty of its historic pallozas as well as the monument to the piper. Regarding this monument, a legend has it that was built to honor a German pilgrim lost in the mountains back in the middle ages. He could find the way to O Cebreiro thanks to the sound of a pipe. If you wish we can arrange your transfer from your city to Santiago or even to O Cebreiro. Forget about everything and focus on the way.

Day 2: O Cebreiro – Triacastela

(20,8 km/13 miles)

This is a friendly stage with beautiful landscapes. Enjoy the scenery and its magic from the very first day. You’ll breath the purest air surrounded by deep and big valleys crowded with holly trees, oaks, chestnuts and ash trees. Enjoy as well the architecture and the manners inherited from the ancient cultures. Walking down this lovely land you will reach Triacastela just by the Oribio’s Hill. It is indeed a gentle stage , but saving your strengths from the beginning is the key to reach Santiago in perfect conditions

Day 3: Triacastela – Sarria Stage

(18,4 km/11 miles)

This is not a long stage, but possesses certain difficulty as it commences with a slight step. After this severe part of the walk, we’ll bump into natural surroundings as magic as quite crossing forests and villages. The negative part of this stage is that you couldn’t find many places to stock up.

In addition you should take into account the following: this stage has two alternative routes. The first one crosses San Xil village and it is proclaimed to be the original pathway. The second one goes through Samos and because of its difficulty is mostly declined. Only those who want to enjoy the local monastery chose this alternative.

Day 4: Sarria – Portomarín Stage

22,2 km

This is an amiable walk, where pavement road and rural paths get together. You could enjoy the countryside and the small villages of Sarria, Paradela and Portomarin. A little bit of history regarding this village: Portomarin had to be” “moved” as a dam was built in the surroundings… In addition you will cross many medieval bridges as you will discover many reminiscences from the roman days.

No difficulties will arise in this stage as we will bump into many refreshment points. Regarding the length, we are not going to find long distances or severe slopes common in other stages of the Way. Will arrive Portomarin after crossing wonderful landscapes and villages like Ferreiros.

Day 5: Portomarín – Palas de Rei

24,8 km

This is mainly an asphalted stage interrupted by Lingode Valley which divides two rivers: Miño and Ulloa. Dozen of Romanesque churches as well as the Lameiros Cross or the Castromaior site will smooth the effect of walking by the pavement road. This initially is a gentle stage, however specific spots with steep slopes could be considered a bit harsh, especially if we didn’t keep our strength.

Day 6: Palas de Rei – Arzúa

28,5 km

This is the longest stage you will have to walk in the Galician Territory We left behind Lugo’s county to penetrate into the last one in The Way : A Coruña. We will start passing through O Coto village just in the borderline of both counties.

This is a tough and an irregular stage. We will find short recurrent slopes that will demand our effort.The landscapes will combine sections with good state of preservation as we cross nice villages with non gratifying views from some industrial areas.

In this route you will have the change of visiting Melide. San Roque Chapel it is a must seen spot Something you shouldn’t miss before leaving this village is to try the local cheese. It has a Denomination of Origin and it is considered one of the best cheeses around the world.

Day 7: Arzúa – O Pedrouzo

19,3 km

We are only 40 km away from our final destiny: Santiago de Compostela Remember to make frequent stops. In this section you must visit what the pilgrims called “The Fountain of Eternal Youth” which real name in St. Irene Fountain. Another recommendation: In O Pedrouzo, get close to Noa River. Its surroundings will impress you.

Day 8: O Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela Stage

19,4 km

Santiago is waiting for us and that feeling is reflected on pilgrims attitude. Some of the pilgrims pick up the pace to reach the finish line, but others slow down, fearing the end of the way as they ignore what will come after that. But all of them are equally excited for reaching the magnificent Obradoiro Square to appreciate the Baroque Facade of The Cathedral. In a nutshell, this stage is short, amiable with gentle slopes

Day 8: Santiago de Compostela

Bed and Breakfast Day off to visit all those monuments that besides the Cathedral complete the offer of this impressive city. If you have plenty of time, do not hesitate to stay a couple of days more to enjoy this city. You could visit The Old Town and try the local gastronomy. Santiago combines a wide rage of attractions to charm the pilgrims

After breakfast our services will be finished.

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