French Way from Roncesvalles by bike

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This experience is designed for both bike lovers and non-lovers who want to ride the French Way from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela, riding almost 800 km in 14 days.

French Way from Roncesvalles by bike
Distance 764 km (475 miles)
Accommodation Guesthouses
Stay 15 days / 14 nights
Price per person Per person / double room
Available dates Free choice
Dead Line Indefinite

Route for Pilgrims

Day 1: Arrival in Roncesvalles

You will ride to Roncesvalles by your own. In case you want us to arrange your transfer we can move you from any airport or station you arrive In case you arrive early, you could delight the fabulous views, as this village is located in one of the highest elevations along The Way.

Day 2: Roncesvalles – Pamplona Stage

(42 km/26 miles)

You will wake up in Roncesvalles and from this point you’ll ride towards Pamplona. It is crucial to stop from time to time and visit a spot line the Medieval Tails in the Espinal Graveyard It’s time to arrive to Pamplona , internationally known by the Festival of San Fermin

Day 3: Pamplona – Estella Stage

(42 km/26 miles)

From Pamplona to Estella We’ll make regular stops. In one of them, we’ll visit the Santiago Church in Puente la Reina. When arriving in Estella you can tour around and visit some relevant places such as The Puy Basilica, The San Miguel Church, The Holy Sepulchre Church or The Monarchs Palace of Navarra.

Day 4: Estella – Logroño Stage

(50 km/31 miles)

Today you’ll wake up in your accommodation in Estella to start the stage with stamina towards Logroño, wine country. It is essential to make pauses. In this route you can visit The Irache Monastery, The Holy Sepulchre or make a pit-stop in Viana village to look up to the Town hall Once you are in Logroño, there are a couple of interesting places to visit: Calado of St Gregory, The Calvijo’s Castle or St Bartholomew Church

Day 5: Logroño – Santo Domingo de la Calzada Stage

(49 km/30 miles)

After sleeping in your Logroño lodging you can resume the riding with bells on. This time our aim is St Domingo de la Calzada. In this route there are some relevant points. to name a few: The San Juan de Acre Church, The St Maria la Real Monastery or The Suso and Yuso Monastery, both declared as World Heritage sites. Now you are in Santo Domingo de la Calzada and you should pay a visit to some crucial sites like The Cathedral or The Interpretation Center of The Way of St. James.

Day 6: Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Burgos Stage

(72 km/45 miles)

You will wake up in the lodging of Santo Domingo de la Calzada so you can ride full energy.Our destiny today is Burgos. The pauses in this route could be The St Peter’s Church, The Nuestra Señora de la Peña Hermitage in Tosantos or even the Atapuerca’s Prehistoric Site. Another emblematic locations on our way to Burgos could be St Mary Arc, The House of Miranda e Iñigo Angulo, The Castle and its viewpoint or even the San Pedro de Cardeña Monastery

Day 7: Burgos – Carrión de los Condes Stage

(87 km/54 miles)

Today you will start your ride to Carrion de los Condes from your accommodation in Burgos. In this tour there some essential points of interest like The San Anton Hospital or The Cloister of San Juan Church the San Martin Church in Frómista or finally the St Maria la Blanca Church You have arrived now at your destination, Carrión de los Condes. And one more time you should take a look to the relevant sites of the village: The St Zoilo Royal Monastery and the St. Domingo Church

Santiago. Day 8: Carrión de los Condes– León Stage

(72 k m/45 miles)

You will wake up in the lodging of Carrión de los Condes to part to León. As usual, pauses are recommended and the relevant places in this route are: The Virgen Peregrina Sanctuary , The Canto Bridge (all in Sahagún village) or The St Mary of Sandoval Monastery You will arrive in León after crossing lovely landscapes. We highlight for you some significant sites to visit like the palaces and mansions in the Old Town , the Cathedral , The St Marcos Convent or the Jewish district.

Day 9: León – Astorga Stage

(54 km/33 miles)

After waking up in your lodging in León, you could ride with bells on to Astorga. On the way it is important to make stops in places such as Puente de Órbigo or the Church of San Juan Bautista. After arriving in Astorga, you will be able to visit different points of interest and enjoy emblematic places such as the Roman sewers and forum, the Episcopal Palace or the Roman thermal baths.

Day 10: Astorga Stage – Ponferrada Stage

53 km

Our destiny today after waking up in Astorga is Ponferrada. So let’s start this tour with energy . As always, pauses on the way are highly recommended. We can visit The Bendito Cristo de la Vera Cruz Ermitage or The Nuestra Señora de la Encina del Campo Church. On our arrival to Ponferrada we can enjoy more relevant spots. To name a few: The Clock Tower (iconic symbol of the town), The St Tomas de las Ollas Church, The St Maria de Vizvayo Church or The Templar’s Castle.

Day 11: Ponferrada – O Cebreiro Stage

(55 km/34 miles)

After having our breakfast, we part from Ponferrada to O Cebreiro. First stop in Galicia. Some relevant points to make a pause on the way could be: The Santiago de Peñalba Church or The St Francisco Convent. Arriving at O Cebreiro, we can highlight more points to visit like The Santa María la Real Church, The Santo Milagro Chapel or the St.Milagro Chapel. We can find in this area as well the pallozas (typical local dwellings)

Day 12: O Cebrerio – Portomarín Stage

(62 km/39 miles)

You will wake up in the lodging of O Cebreiro to start the tour towards Portomarin full of energy. In the way it is important to make regular stops. We can name a few in case you want to make a pause:The San Xoán Church, the St Pedro and Samos Monasteries, The Ciprés Church. In your arrival to Portomarin some relevant points must be visited like Manuel de Blas Park or The Staircase and Chapel of Virxe das Neves

Day 13: Portomarín – Arzúa Stage

53 km

Your Portomarin’s accommodation will be the starting point to ride towards Arzúa. Some significant site are waiting for us to visit in the way: The Castro of Castromaior, The Pambre Castle or the St María de Melide Church. More interesting spot could be found in Arzúa to mention some: The Honey Living Museum, The Holy Fountain or The Magdalena Chapel and Convent. In addition, you cannot leave Arzúa without tasting its popular cheese which has archived the Origin Certificate of “Arzúa – Ulloa”

Day 14: Arzúa – Santiago de Compostela Stage

(39 km/24 miles)

Waking up this time in your Arzúas lodging has a special taste as you will end up Your Way as soon as you reach your final destination. Very soon you will make out the Towers of the Cathedral from The Gozo’s Hill Walking across the monumental district, you nervously will reach The Obradoiro Sq. as you feel your aim is fulfilled

Day 15: Santiago de Compostela

Bed and Breakfast Day off to visit all those monuments that besides the Cathedral complete the offer of this impressive city.

After breakfast our services will be finished.

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