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Discover the different routes of the Camino de Santiago

Check out all the stages and kilometres of the main Jacobean routes

French Way

764 Km
St. Jean Pied de Port
Stages on foot
33 days
Stages by bike
14 days

Portuguese Way

620 Km
Stages on foot
25 days
Stages by bike
5 days

Northern Way

824 Km
Stages on foot
32 days
Stages by bike
18 days

Primitive Way

313 Km
Stages on foot
11 days
Stages by bike
7 days

English Way

119 Km
Ferrol / Coruña
Stages on foot
6 days

Portugués por Costa

196 Km
Stages on foot
9 days

Finisterre and Muxía

90 Km
Stages on foot
4 days

Sanabres Way

369 Km
Granja de la Moruela
Stages on foot
13 days
Stages by bike
7 days

Silver Route

960 Km
Stages on foot
27 days
Stages by bike
16 days

Winter Way

263 Km
Stages on foot
8 days
Mapa Camino Francés Mapa Camino del Norte Mapa Camino Portugués Mapa Camino Primitivo Mapa Camino Sanabrés Mapa Camino Inglés Mapa Camino de Invierno Mapa Vía de la Plata Mapa Camino Portugues por la costa Mapa Camino Fisterra a Muxía

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What is the Camino de Santiago?

This is an ancient pilgrimage route that goes to the Galician capital (Santiago de Compostela) to visit the tomb of the Apostle Santiago in the Cathedral of the city.

This famous route began in 842 when, after the discovery of the remains of the Apostle, King Alfonso II walked from Oviedo with the goal of checking if the rumors of the discovery were true. Turning this route into what is known today as the Primitive Way.

The importance of visiting the remains of Santiago el Mayor resides in its importance to the Christian religion. He was one of the disciples of Jesus who started an evangelizing work, especially in the kingdom of Gallaecia (present-day Galicia). In addition, after his execution in Jerusalem in A.D. 44, he would become the first apostle to die for the Christian faith.

Over time, the route has been gaining more and more followers although, due to the years of Muslim conquest and reconquest of the Spanish territory, it has gone through several periods of decadence where emerged several of the new routes that exist nowadays: the North Way, the Basque Way …

Nowadays, the Camino de Santiago beats pilgrims’ records every year. People with illusion that begins the adventure of the Way with different goals. Although it all began as a religious pilgrimage to honor the Apostle James, many do the route for challenges of self-improvement, searching for themselves or adventure with friends.

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Why do it?

There are several reasons that can impel you to venture to do the pilgrimage to Santiago. We, after several years working at the foot of the Way, have found several reasons that move the feet of pilgrims to every kilometer of the Jacobean route:

  • Religious: The initial motivation, the reason the Camino began was to visit the Cathedral of Santiago and pray for forgiveness of sins, to sanctify oneself for a future battle or even for miraculous cures. Nowadays, it continues being one of the most important reasons for pilgrimage.
  • Adventure: The Camino is the perfect place to get out of the monotony and discover places difficult to find. Areas where the sea meets the green of the meadows, walks with vegetation so leafy that it barely gives way to sunlight, streams or waterfalls that cause a sense of peace and calm difficult to find. You can find it all in the adventure of the Camino.
  • Social: The Way has a great variety of ethnic races and countries of origin. Many people are afraid to leave alone, but the Jacobean routes have the magic of bringing people together and generating inseparable relationships. Create a friendship on the Camino and this may be for life…
  • Improvement: Not everyone has the full capacity to face the hardness of the Way, however, there are brave people who, despite their problems, decide to embark on the Way in order to overcome themselves and achieve the goal of reaching Santiago de Compostela.
  • Cultural: The Way of St. James has a richness of historical and cultural heritage. Their routes have been pilgrimages for years and many priests or civilizations left their essence for the different peoples.

As you can see, there are several reasons and very good to not miss the adventure of the Camino de Santiago. A lot of people define it as their life experience. Would you miss it?

Complete Guide of the Camino de Santiago

All the Routes

In this web you can discover every route from the Camino de Santiago, specifically, in our routes page, where we talk about all the possibilities that exist: cross the North of Spain on the Northern Way, the most traveled route for its heritage on the French Way or visit two countries twinned on the Portuguese Way.

Information about each Route

Inside each route, you will be able to see different sections:

  • Information: The origins of the Way, current events and what you can see on it.
  • Map: You will be able to locate yourself in a better way.
  • Elevation Profile: In it you will be able to see the slopes of the land and assimilate if you will be able to do it.
  • Points Of interest: Discover an extract of what the Way can offer you.
  • Stages: All the Stages of each Way.

Stages, Towns and Points of Interest

You will be able to see the map of each stage and know the itinerary you must follow to reach the destination, what to see during the journey, what to eat…

In addition, we go deeper into each town where the stages end to give the most complete information of the place where you will sleep. In this way, you will be able to know it before your adventure.

Tips on our Pilgrim’s Blog

We solve the most common doubts of the pilgrim such as: which shoes to wear, the necessary clothes according to the time of the year, which route to choose, typical food to enjoy or what to do in Santiago once you reach the end of your Camino.

Immerse yourself in all the information and become an expert of the Camino! The best help on the Camino de Santiago

Pilgrim Travel is an agency specialized in trips on the Way of Saint James, we manage all the services along the jacobean routes such as: booking accommodation, transport of backpacks, bicycle rental and much more.

If after consuming all the information on our website, you want to start your adventure, you can count on our help. You have a simple planner where you can fill in your entire journey and, depending on what you choose, we can give you a totally personalised budget.

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