English Way from Ferrol

460 €

Let’s walk the 100 km belonging to The English Way and have a rest in any of the recommended accommodations along this stage. This is a singular experience to live from close the history, the art and the culture acquired in this route throughout the centuries.

Portuguese Way from Tui
Distance 116 km (72 miles)
Accommodation Guesthouses
Stay 8 days / 7 nights
Price per person Per person / double room
Available dates Free choice
Dead Line Indefinite

Route for Pilgrims

DAY 1: Arrival in Ferrol.

You will arrive in Ferrol on your own or if you wish, we can arrange your transfer to this place from any airport or station you arrive at. From here and depending if you make it with time, you will be able to visit different points of interest such as the Military Arsenal building or de Armas Square, where the City Hall is located. In addition, before starting the first stage you will have time to walk around Ferrol Vello or visit the Naval Museum and its Shipyards as this city has a strong link with the naval industry. Evidence of this bond are the Castles scattered around the city as the St Felipe , St Martín and La Palma Castles, which mission were to protect the crowded port in the old days. Not to mention it is a must visit.

Day 2: Ferrol – Neda

(14 km/8 miles)

In this journey , some stops must be done as many points of interest are located along the way. To name a few: St Martin de Xuvia Monastery ( names as well as “O Couto”). It is situated close to the finish of this stage and was built in the same location as an old one from the 10th century was. When arriving in Neda and if you make it with time you could visit some local churches and enjoy the architecture of the area where old and modern houses are mixed with the typical sailor homes. You should also visit the Windmill located in Cruz do Pouso, previously used to manufacture gunpowder and fireworks

Day 3: Neda – Pontedeume

(14 km/8 miles)

Today we will change the Estuary of Ferrol for the Ares one. This village was once the home of The Andrade’s Family. As we keep on walking, don’t forget to visit The St. Martiño de Porto Church. Leaving out some slopes, this is clearly a very gentle stage as we will walk by the road where many establishments are found in case we need to eat or drink something. Once in Pontedeume you will find many interesting spots to visit. Some of them are the Andrade’s Tower. It is located in the downtown and you will need to cross the De Piedra Bridge (one of the longest in Europe) . Another interesting monument is the St. Juan de Caaveiro Monastery or even the Andrade’s Castle in the outskirts.

Day 4: Pontedeume – Betanzos

(20,2 km/12 miles)

Despite the previous stage, now you will have to face steep paths with a high probability of finding them muddy. However this effort will be compensated by the charm of the Atlantic forest and medieval villages. Let’s take a break as you arrive in Miño and enjoy the beaches: La Grande and La Alameda. When you arrive in Betanzos, not to mention all facilities will be at your disposal, as well as a wide touristic offer. Some relevant spots are The St Francisco and St Maria de Azogue churches and the Clock Tower. You just need a stroll across the streets to notice how relevant this town should be in the medieval period.. Another must spot to visit is The Pasatempo Park, sponsored by the Garcia Naveira Bothers and known as the fist historical park in Europe

Day 5: Betanzos – Hospital de Bruma

(27,8 km/17 miles)

With every step in this stage we equally sum up kilometers and difficulty . You will leave behind the urban area to penetrate into the Atlantic landscape towards inland. In the local forest you will bump into pine trees, oaks and birches. In contrast to the previous days, now you should properly stock up before leaving Betanzos as the only company this time will be the nature itself. According to the length, duration and difficulty at some points, this stage is known as the toughest stage of The English Way Once in Bruma, you can finally appreciate a break there and in case you feel strong enough to visit some spots, the St Lorenzo Hermitage is an option. This building was built in the 16th century and shows a late Gothic style.

Day 6: Hospital de Bruma – Sigüeiro

(24 km/15 miles)

In this journey,you will mainly walk on a dirt and pavement road. That means you will have many facilities at your disposal and the easy of visiting two different churches: St Paio and St Xiao de Poulo. You are already very close to the finish line and that’s pretty obvious as the amount of pilgrims grows with every step. If you reach Sigüeiro and it is not very late, you could visit the local medieval bridge over the Tambre River. It was mainly built in masonry between the 12th and 14th century. Now it is time to rest. This way, we will face the last and most emotional stage with stamina.

Day 7: Sigüeiro – Santiago de Compostela

(16,7 km/10 miles)

You will wake up in your Sigüeiro accommodation to start the day with bells on towards Santiago de Compostela. Our destiny is finally close and we could see the towers of the Cathedral and hug the Apostle very soon. Today’s stage will be gentle. The only handicap will be the access to the town as we had to cross an industrial area. Very soon, we will walk the old streets of Santiago until we reach the Obradoiro Square.

Day 8: Santiago de Compostela

Bed and Breakfast Day off to visit all those monuments that, besides the Cathedral, have made this town so special.

After breakfast our services will be finished.

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7 nights of double room accommodations
7 breakfasts
Documentation: maps and useful information
Backpack transfer (1 package – max. 15 kg.)
Telephone assistance service 24 hours
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Single room supplement: 190€
Half board supplement (dinner): 140€
Pilgrim Cancellation Coverage: from 15 €/ person for residents – Non-residents: from 30 €/person
Extra night in Santiago de Compostela: 80€/person (Double room & breakfast, in guesthouse)
Private transfer Santiago – Ferrol: 140 €
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