Camino de Santiago organised

Camino de Santiago organised

If you are reading this article in our pilgrim blog, it means that you are interested in doing the Camino de Santiago hassle-free and without last-minute surprises.


The Camino embraces many different routes, each of them encompassing numerous towns, accommodation, places to visit… All in all, a lot of information that can overwhelm those pilgrims ready to do the Camino.

What’s more, bear in mind that organising everything you need for the Camino is no easy task, especially during the high season months, from May to September.

Pilgrim´s experiences

Some pilgrims choose to embark on the Camino with their backpacks and plan as they walk. It is important to mention that, many of those pilgrims, once they finished their Camino, acknowledged that their decision was not the wisest.

Why do they regret it?

Imagine you have been walking for over 20 kilometres. You are looking forward to finding accommodation, stopping and having some food and some rest to fully recover for next day’s stage.

You thought you would find accommodation along the way. However, you arrive at a hostel and… it’s full! There were so many pilgrims arriving earlier than you that the hostel cannot take any more pilgrims in.

You walk into other nearby hostels but the situation is the same due to the influx of pilgrims, local festivities, some special event in the area…

Finally, you have no option but to pick up your backpack and walk a few more kilometres to the next town, hoping you will have better luck. Just when you needed it most!

This is just an example of the possible difficulties caused by stepping into the Camino without any previous planning. You might want to be surprised by the scenery or the culture, but knowing you have a place to sleep or eat is important.

Upsides of organised trips to the Camino de Santiago

Below, you will find some of the advantages of properly planning your Camino:


One of the main obstacles people find when they try to organise their Camino is that they do not have enough time for planning.

If you hand that responsibility over to a Camino-specialised travel agency, you can free your mind from all the hassle and just wait for the date of your departure.

Peace of mind

Along the course of your Camino, there can be unexpected problems or situations. For example, if you are cycling, your bicycle might break or, if you are walking, you might trip and injure yourself.

If you have your trip organised, you will have a travel insurance that will cover medical emergencies and, if your bike is rented, you can have a 24-hour support.

For all ages

Along the Camino, there are pilgrims of all ages, from the little ones to the most veteran. Some these pilgrims might need special conditions to be able to cope with this challenge or special places to sleep.

If you decide to plan as you go, you might encounter difficulties. However, if you have it organised, you will know beforehand where you will sleep, ensuring no surprises.

Doing the Camino in a group

The Camino may be a gathering place for families, groups of friends or even a work group that take on the Camino as part of a team-building experience.

Finding accommodation for a group of 10 pilgrims may be difficult, let alone a group of 20 or 30. Book through an agency, you will be able to easily organise accommodation for big groups.


Everything has a good side and a bad side, it just comes down to putting all the pros and cons on the scales before making a decision. When it comes to organising, there can be downsides too.

Higher budget

It is not the same to plan and make all the reservations by yourself than to have an agency doing it for you. Prices may be higher, but you need to consider whether that money is worth all the time invested and the security that having everything organised brings you.

Camino de Santiago specialised travel agency

Just in case you don’t know yet, our company name is Pilgrim Travel, and we are an agency that specialises in the Camino de Santiago. We have been immersed in the Camino for more than 4 years providing servicesto pilgrims from all over the world.

With us, you can relax knowing that all the accommodation reservations, luggage transferarrangements and transfers you may need will be well taken care of.


The Camino de Santiago offers lots of possibilities in many aspects: different routes, type of accommodation, services, towns…

That is why prices can vary for each pilgrim and their requirements. We can prepare a personalised quote for each of them.

However, if you want to have a general idea, here are some of our most popular experiences:

  • Portuguese Way from Tui
    • Price: 250 €
    • Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
    • Distance: 106 km
    • Accommodation: private hostels
    • Know included services
  • Primitive Way from Lugo:
    • Price: 325 €
    • Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
    • Distance: 102 km
    • Accommodation: hostels, guesthouses
    • Know included services

The most common route

If you are in doubt about what route to choose and, on top, it is your first time in the Camino, we recommend to do the French Way from Sarria.

It is a 111 km course where you can enjoy the magic of the Camino fully immersed in the pilgrim world. It is a fantastic introductory opportunity. Perfect opportunity as a start.

You can do the Camino in an organised group

For those pilgrims who do not want to do the Camino on their own and prefer to join a group. In Pilgrim, we have our own organised groups departing from Sarria.

Join one and enjoy a shared double room (single rooms also available) with ensuite bathroom; we provide the pilgrim credential and a travel insurance and there is a support vehicle for emergencies.

An official guide will be with you all the time, who is certified to do a guided tour of Santiago de Compostela once you reach the cathedral.

Our group departures for 2021 are as follows

Camino de Santiago in an organized group from Sarria

May: several dates (Please consult us)
June: several dates (Please consult us)
July: several dates (Please consult us)
August: several dates (Please consult us)
September: several dates (Please consult us)
October: several dates (Please consult us)

After reading this post, we reckon your urge for doing the Camino de Santiago will only increase until you finally resolve to join in. When this happens, ,we will be more than happy to start off this new adventure with you, that will change your view on the Camino de Santiago forever.

Ultreia, pilgrims!

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