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Sant Jaume Way: Camino Catalan

As we have already pointed out on numerous occasions, the Camino de Santiago weaves an enormous network of Jacobean routes throughout the Spanish territory, and in all the autonomous communities there is a path that connects with the Jacobean route. This time, it is time to talk about the Catalan Way.

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Information on the Catalan Way

Since the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle St. James, several pilgrimages began to be made to pay homage to him, not only in the Iberian Peninsula, but this event led to numerous pilgrimages from Europe that continue to this day.

The point through which most pilgrims entered Spain was through the Pyrenees. However, there is no single route to enter, in fact, there are up to three possibilities:

  • French Route: The first stage of the French Way, which separates the towns of Sain Jean Pied de Port and Roncesvalles, crosses the Pyrenees along this world-renowned route.
  • Aragonese Way: On this route you can enter Spanish territory, through the border town of Somport, located in the Pyrenees. The route is secondary to the main routes and ends up joining the French Way in the town of Puente la Reina.
  • Catalan Way: The route we are discussing in this article enters the Pyrenees through the town of San Pere de Rodes and requires a greater number of kilometres until it joins a main route.

The Catalan Way takes on a certain prominence as an entry into the peninsula for being the first available to pilgrims who have made their journey through the coast of southern France, many decide to continue inland to enter directly by the French Way but others go directly through the Catalan town.

In its initial route it follows the original Via Augusta which, although it has been replaced by numerous main Spanish roads, was one of the largest roads in Spain, linking the Pyrenees with the south of Spain, Cadiz, along the entire Mediterranean coast.

Stages of the Camí Catalá de Sant Jaume

Stages Start End Lenght
Stage 1 San Pere de Rodes Figueres 25,3 km
Stage 2 Figueres Bascara 17,7 km
Stage 3 Bascara Girona 34,7 km
Stage 4 Girona Amer 26,3 km
Stage 5 Amer Sant Esteve d’en Bas 21,9 km
Stage 6 Sant Esteve d’en Bas Santa María de Corco 20,1 km
Stage 7 Santa María de Corco Vic 19,9 km
Stage 8 Vic L`Estany 20,4 km
Stage 9 L`Estany Artés 22,1 km
Stage 10 Artés Manresa 18,6 km
Stage 11 Manresa Monasterio de Montserrat 23,3 km
Stage 12 Monasterio de Montserrat Igualada 21,9 km
Stage 14 Igualada Cervera 39,6 km
Stage 14 Cervera Castellnou de la Seana 27,3 km
Stage 15 Castellnou de la Seana Lleida 32,7 km
Stage 16 Lleida Fraga 33 km
Stage 17 Fraga Candasnos 26 km
Stage 18 Candasnos Bujaraloz 22,4 km
Stage 19 Bujaraloz Fuentes del Ebro 40,9 km

Once in Fuentes del Ebro, this Catalan route continues along another secondary route of the Camino called Camino del Ebro, which begins on the Mediterranean coast and continues inland until it joins the French Route in the town of Logroño, in its stage number 8.

Map of the Camino Catalan

map camino catalan

Characteristics of Camí Catalá de Sant Jaume

Over the last few years, the route has undergone a great improvement in terms of infrastructure and signposting thanks to the work of the associations of friends of the Camino in the area,although it still needs to improve to reach the signposting of the main routes, especially the routes that are in Galicia.

It crosses the entire Catalan community from north to south, so you can get to know in depth the roots of one of the most historic territories of the peninsula, as well as a Mediterranean gastronomy worthy of your palate.

It’s time for adventure

Having described the Camí Catalá de Sant Jaume in broad outline, it is now time to do it. Plan your next adventure on the Camino and feel the magic of its trails. If you need help, don’t hesitate to leave us your contact details. We do not manage services on this route, but we do on consecutive routes, so we will be happy to help you there.

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