Tips on The Way

Once in Santiago

Discover the steps to follow at the end of you adventure arriving to Santiago.

It is allowed to enter in Obradoiro Square both on a horse and bike, but you’ll need to apply for an access license.

Any pilgrim riding the St Jame’s Way on their bike can get close to the Cathedral. In addition any support car will need a special license to access, and it has to be applied in advance. This way the support car could access the Old Town in order to collect the bikes.

If you get there on horse it is totally mandatory to call the police a couple of days in advance in order to be guided throught the availalale streets on the way to Obradoiro Square Once you arrive at the cathedral please notice you have a short period of time to enjoy the views. Once the deadline has passed, you should face the horse’s facility To return the animals.

If you wish to book a private walking city tour in Santiago de Compostela you can do it through our website or by calling us.

You can also book this service on our web-page or by phone

Once you arrive to Santiago, you can leave your bike on a cloakroom located in the city centre to enjoy your success to the fullest. We will pack it and send it to your home for an reasonable price if you wish.

For further information please visit our web and check our packages on the Services section.

Once you reach the long-awaited Obradoiro Square, you only have to enjoy the experience, take a look to the Cathedral and think about the experience left behind. Finally you could carry out all pilgrim’s rituals on your arrival to Compostela.

After a day full of celebrations and visits, we recommend you to go and collect your Compostela on the next day. The perfect moment is early in the morning. Many pilgrims decide to do this as soon as they arrive, but in order to avoid agglomerations, please visit the office first thing in the morning, around 9 a.m.

Once you visit the Pilgrim’s Office and get The Compostelayou can apply to be quickly named on The Pilgrim’s Mass This is only possible in case you sing up before 11 a.m, so it is highly recommended to do it the day after your arrival to Santiago.

Please follow our advice you and visit The Pilgrim’s Office early in the morning Opens at 9:00 a.m. and you only have to apply for your nomination in the Mass You have to be prepared to cope with long queues, so it is important to go ahead on time and be patient.

It takes place every day at 12:00 pm at Santiago’s Cathedral and it is especially dedicated to the pilgrims after their arrival to Santiago.

A fact regarding this Mass: Many pilgrims think the Famous Censer Thuribel (Botafumeiro) is always going to be shown, but this only happens on a Holy Jubilee Year or special events,or even when someone applies for it We must remark that the cost is around 300 €

Rules concerning the visits to the Cathedral, forbid to take your backpack or luggage with you. Pilgrim Offers a cloakroom service for backpacks at just 100 m /325 ft away from the Cathedral.

Santiago de Compostela is a well-connected city You can find a bus station a train station, airport and a highway called AP-9 that connects Santiago with the main Galician cities and as well as other important roads such as the A-6

Depending on your place of origin you should evaluate which is the most suitable transport: train, bus or plain. Every pilgrim should study the route according to their starting point The most popular ones are the train and the plain.

Both train station and bus station are in the city center. That helps when it comes to move from one point to another On the other hand, the airport is on the outskirts, 10 kms / 6,2 mi away form the city. Freire Buses is the company that connects Lavacolla Airport with Santiago de Compostela

It is finally important to highlight that some airlines offer discounts to those Pilgrims with the Compostela Accreditation, or other document that certifies the Pilgrim has ended The Way.

For more detailed information about the access to the Galician capital city and how to say farewell Santiago, please click on section How to arrive.