Camino del Norte: Stage 27

Ribadeo – Lourenzá (28,4 km – 18 miles)


The Northern Way enters in Galicia through Ribadeo, a village between Lugo and Asturias. This first Galician stage has approximately 30 kilometers and is easy for everyone. You will have to walk up to A Ponte Arante that will lead you to Lourenzá. There are some hostels during the stage where you can stay the night but we recommend you get to Lourenzá and enjoy its wonderful Castillo de Tovar castle.

Elevation Profile

Today’s stage starts in the Ponte dos Santos bridge that is a bridge over Ribadeo’s estuary that links Galicia and Asturias. Its name comes from the two chapels located on each side of the bridge, the one in Asturias devoted to San Román de Castropol and the one located in Ribadeo devoted to San Miguel de Ribadeo. You are in Galicia, now you have to be careful when you see a scallop shell or a marker because in Galicia the biggest part is the one that indicates the way that you should follow, in Asturias is the smallest part the one that indicates the way. The first thing that you will visit in Galicia is the Capilla de San Miguel chapel and then you will walk through Estrada do Faro and Avenida Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo. Then you will have to turn left through the Calle Rodríguez Murias street and then through the Calle Villafranca del Bierzo street. Once you get here you will get to Cantón and also to the famous Torre dos Morenos tower. It is a kind of house built by people that went to America and returned.

Just before getting to an area full of trees you will have to turn right and go through the Calle de San Francisco street, and through the Avenida de Asturias avenue to get to the Calle Diputación street. You will leave Ribadeo through the Calle San Lázaro street next to the football field and get to some rural paths towards the local church in Ove.

Now it comes the first hard part in today’s stage, get to Ponte de Arante through a forest path. In winter walk through this path could be a little bit difficult so if you want you can get there through the LU-133 towards San Vicente. If you continue through the rural path you have to go straight forward all the time to get to an asphalted road where a little bit after you will have to go to the left in Lugar da Fonte Valín, very famous due to its water. After walking through a path you will get to Cubelas where you will start walking up and a little bit after you will have to turn left. You will have to cross the road to continue through Aldea de Vilela and a little bit after once you get to a crossing you will the indications to get to a hostel, to a holiday cottage and also to a restaurant. You won’t find more services until you get to Lourenzá.

Then you will get to Celeiros, full of fields and cattle. Once you get to Lugar de Vilar you will have to go through a path to the right to get to the Iglesia de San Vicente de Cubelas church. You will have to continue to get to A Ponte Arante where the Iglesia de Nosa Señora das Virtudes is located, each year they have a celebration called Romería das Cruces. Now it comes the second walking up, this time through a complicated path and then through an asphalted road. Once you get to Barreiros you will have to walk to Villamartín pequeño where you can refill your water bottle. Then you will get to Villamartín Grande and then to Gondán where you will find a local hostel. You will have to continue through some paths that will take you through small villages such as San Xusto, Vilanova de Lourenzá. Then you will get to a mount called Monte Calvario where you will see the Iglesia de Santa María de Lorenzá church. You can’t leave Lorenzá without visiting its monastery devoted to San Salvador where the Capilla de Valdeflores chapel is located. You should also see the Iglesia de Santa María church.

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Camino Tips


We walk by your side! If you have any doubts about this stage or about other stages, please contact us, we will help you. Have a nice Way, pilgrim!

What to eat 

  • Typical bean stew
  • Typical wine

Bear in mind

The first part of the stage could be a little bit complicated because the indications aren’t good enough, you just have to pay attention and be careful.
You will also have to walk for approximately 15 kilometers with no services, so we recommend you to buy all the needed stuff before starting
Some parts are complicated to cyclist and people with reduced mobility so it is better for them to go through the LU-133.


Public hostel Bike rental Medical assistance Coffe bar Teller Pharmacy Hotel Touristic information Guesthouse Restaurant Supermarket Veterinarian assistance
Ribadeo ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Vilela ✔ ✔ ✔
As Pontes de Arante
San Xusto

Northern Way Towns


Population > 2.301

Town> Vilanova de Lourenzá

Province > Lugo



Albergue de peregrinos de Lourenzá
20 beds

Rúa Campo da Feira, 15.
Lourenzá (Lugo).
652 186 731.


Hostal La Unión
22 rooms

Avenida do Val, 16.
Lourenzá (Lugo).
982 121 028.


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