Once in Santiago

Discover every step that you need to follow when you have finished your adventure.

What to visit in Santiago?

There are lots of amazing things that you can visit such as the cathedral, the squares, Alameda park, Bonaval museum, the convents, Fonseca or the art galleries.

You can visit our Interesting Places section for further information our our service of a Private Santiago Themed Tour.

Is there any available place to take a shower?

From June 2016 we have a pilgrim’s costumer service located in Rúa nova 7, where you can leave your things and have a shower, wash your clothes, clean your bike or get information about the city.

For more information see our Left-luggage section.

Pilgrim’s mass.

It takes place every day at 12:00 pm for all pilgrims that arrive at Santiago de Compostela.

Most people think that they use Botafumeiro in all this masses but the truth is that they don’t use it. It is used only during Holy Year and also on special dates. But you can ask them to do it and pay it. It costs approximately 300 euros.

Is it possible to be named during the pilgrim’s mass?

Once you get your Compostela you can ask to be named during the pilgrim’s mass on a brief way. This is possible if you register yourself before 11:00 am. We recommend you do it the day after the arrival, you can go to the pilgrim’s office early (at 9:00 am) and ask for it. You have to take into account that there could be a long queue; you have to be patient.

What is the first thing that I should do once I arrive at Santiago? When is the better moment to take Compostela?

Once you arrive at Santiago de Compostela the first thing that you have to do is enjoy the cathedral and reflect about your journey, take as much time as you need. Then, you can come to our offices to have a shower and relax.

The next day you can go to the pilgrim’s office. Sometimes there are queues, you must be patient.

How I take my bike back home?

Once you arrive at Santiago you can leave your bike in our left-luggage office located in Rúa Nova 7, we will pack it and send it to your home for an economical price.

For further information you can visit our Services section.

Where can I contract a guided tour?

We have a specialized team in Santiago. If you want to hire a personal guided tour you can do it at our office located in Rúa Nova 7, next to the cathedral. You can also book this service on our webpage or just with a phone call.

You can find more information on our Services section.

Is it possible to enter in Obradoiro square with my horse or bike?

You can enter in the Plaza del Obradoiro square with your bike or horse but you need some licences. If you are travelling with support car you have to know that it can also get there just by letting it know to the local police a few days in advance. The support car can enter on the Old Town to take the bikes with no problem.

If you get there horseback you have to tell it to the police at least two days before arriving, so they can indicate you which streets you can use for it. Once you arrive at the cathedral you have a set time to enjoy the views with your horse. Then you should leave your horse in the set place.

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