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What kind of food should I eat during the Camino?

If you follow our instructions about how much kilometres walk per day you wouldn’t need any special diet, but you have to take into account that you need some extra energy.

You will need a lot of water, fruits and dried fruits. If you get dehydrated you can suffer lesions.  You should take enough calories to be able to walk for a long time, but you should avoid large meals or you will feel tired.

  • Breakfast: It is the main meal so you should eat enough, you should include cereals, dairy products, juices and fruit.
  • Mid-morning: drink a lot of water but also eat something that give you energy.
  • Meal: a sandwich or light dishes.
  • Dinner: It is the end of the stage so you should eat enough to recharge your energy.
Where to eat?

Along the way there are restaurants or bars where you can eat and also there will be supermarkets in most part of the villages.

Depending on your budget you can decide where to eat. It is usual to buy many things to eat while you are walking. If you decide to eat in a restaurant you have to know that there are lots of places that have a pilgrim’s menu. You can visit our recommended establishments section.

You should drink a lot of water while you are walking or you would get dehydrated.

What I should do if I need a doctor?

You can find easily the phone number of some hospitals and health centres of all villages. But if it is serious you can phone 112 and they would send you an ambulance to wherever you are. You can also phone us and we will help you and tell you what to do.

What I should do if I need a veterinary?

If you are travelling with your pet and it gets injured or ill you can phone us and we will help you to locate the nearest veterinary. You can also see the documentation of all stages to see where there are veterinaries to foresee future problems.

What can I visit in each village?

We have chosen the main monuments and interesting places of each village. You can see all this information on our Ways section and in each route you can see all the villages and cities. So you can plan all your stops according to what you like.

I’m lost, what I should do?

If you get lost, keep calm, there are lots of signposting that indicate you where you are and which are the nearest villages or cities. You can also ask local people or other pilgrims, they would help you.

If you are in trouble you can phone 112 (emergency number) as quick as possible, or phone us, we will help you.

Is it necessary to get up early?

People that stay the night in public hostels use to get up very early and they start their way early in the morning.

People can enter in public hostels until there is no more free beds to sleep, pilgrims that walk alone the Camino have preference. You just can stay one night per hostel. You have to get up early to arrive early to the following hostel and also to visit the village or city where you are going to stay the night.

If you don’t use public hostels you don’t have to get up early, and you can rest as much time as you want and also enjoy the way.

Nevertheless, we recommend you get up early in summer to walk in the morning and avoiding the hottest hours.

Walking techniques.

We recommend you walk less than 20 kilometres per day during the first three days. Then you can start increasing the amount of kilometres taking into account your age and how fit you are. Normally a person can do between 20 and 25 kilometres per day.

You should also stop 10 minutes every 60 or 90 minutes to drink a little bit, take some pictures and rest. You should stretch your muscles at the beginning and at the end of each stage.

At the beginning you should walk slowly but then you can increase the speed, it have to be a comfortable speed for you, you should be able to talk while you are walking. In the climbing parts you should slow down.

Don’t follow someone that walks faster than you.

Where can I wash my clothes along the way?

Most part of the public hostels have a public laundry where you can wash and dry your clothes.

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